Track Me Tuesday: Week 9

March 31, 2015

I don’t know why I label these posts “Week 8” or “Week 9” because I’m not checking in weekly, but oh well.


I started doing pictures and measurements only monthly, so I waited a month to take them since I last checked in, and that was about 2 weeks ago now.


Weight: – .5 lbs

Since I last checked in, only down another 1/2 lb., which puts me back at my lowest weight. That just means I’ve been at this weight before, so it’s not new ground, but I am happy to say that I’ve been consistently weighing in at that for weeks now. Some might see that as discouraging, and on some days I do get down about it, but I’m happy that my body is at a new equilibrium. Even with traveling, cheat meals, etc., it seems to be happy hanging out there. Ready to break new ground soon though!


Bust/Chest: 37.75 (-.25)
Waist: 27.5 (-.25)
R Bicep unflexed: 11.125 (- .375″)
L Bicep unflexed: 11.125 (-.25″)
R Calf: 15.5
L Calf: 15.5
R Thigh: 24.75 (-.5″) ABOVE THE MOLE (for my own reference haha)
L thigh: 24.75 (-.5″)
I only started doing individual leg measurements a month or two ago, so it’s fairly new. Based on pictures, I know I “missed” a lot of progress there, but I’m so glad I’m doing it now! Down 1/2″ on each one :)

The bottom line? Everything is going down, so we’re headed in the right direction!

Strength gains:

I don’t want to sound like a broken record here, but MY STRENGTH IS STILL EXPLODING! The power of a plant-based diet and creatine?!? Who knows. I’m just waiting to hit a plateau, but it hasn’t happened yet!

Back squat: on a 30-20-10-5-5-10-20-30 rep scheme –> 135 for 15 reps, 175 for 5 reps – most I’ve ever squatted!
Dumbbell chest press: 2 sets of 5 with the 35s – most I’ve ever chest pressed!
Bicep curl: officially repping with the 20s for 4 sets of 10 :)
Leg extension: up to 10+ reps at 140 lbs.


My biggest goal now is to work on my pull-ups. They have always been a weak point for me. I’ve never been able to do one unassisted, and for a long time I just stopped working on them. No more!! I’ve been hitting lats 2x/week to try to develop my back more.


Tools for progress:

Steady state cardio.

Now, before you cringe…probably too late…hear me out on this. I love interval cardio and HIIT training, but lately, I’ve found some real enjoyment in hopping on the elliptical or stairclimber, throwing on a motivational fitness YouTube channel or vlog, and just hanging out there. I get to do something I love while keeping my heart rate up and burning some calories, and it’s not super taxing on my body when I’m already really tired.

The past week or so was quite stressful for me with 2 midterms and a professional exam, so I found that this was much more doable than HIIT training when I was low on sleep. Now I’m a convert!!

FullSizeRender (13)

How I’m doing:

Overall, great. I’m struggling a little bit with my diet in terms of listening to my body VS. counting macros. I’ve been having the urge to eat more and more raw food lately, so I’m doing that when I crave it, but I’m also a bit scared because I wasn’t making very fast progress doing that before.




That being said, I do truly believe in the power of listening to my body…

So I’m still tracking all my calories and macros, but giving myself a good amount of flexibility with hitting the numbers. We’ll see how it goes.

keep calm listen to your body listen to your body

Also, these custom leggings from Core Activewear :)



Happy Tuesday, y’all. Hope it’s a fab one!


Avocado Athlete

Five Things Friday: Ex-Vegans, Orthorexia, and Favorites

Hey all!

FRIDAY DOEEEEEE. AM I RIGHT?! I’m currently lounging in bed, sipping on a smoothie, and getting ready to hit the gym. Excuse me, AFTER coffee. Almost forgot that.

Just here to pop in with my 5 favorites and articles/videos from the week – some interesting and sort of controversial ones on tap!


1. The all new So Delicious cashew milk ice cream

I haven’t even had a bowl of this yet, but I tried one spoonful when I was serving it up for a friend’s birthday and HOLY BLEEPETY BLEEP BLEEP BLANK. It is dynamite. Hands down the best non-dairy ice cream on the market.


2. My first in a while 2-a-day workout

Insanity for cardio in the morning and then a shoulder lift and run in the evening. I rarely ever do these, but my schedule worked out, and I got to go to the gym with a friend, so I was in my happy place. Sweaty session and refueling with my daily superfood shake!


3. My new found pasta stir fry obsession

I use bean pasta (vegan, super high protein, find at Whole Foods or on the VitaCost website), veggies of choice, a bit of soy sauce/Bragg’s liquid aminos, nutritional yeast, and hot sauce, and then top with hummus. Freaking delicious.


4. PB Banana Toast

I treated myself to some delicious PB Banana Toast for breakfast one day this week because I was really craving it! Totally abnormal breakfast for me, but that’s why I love tracking macros and “flexible dieting” (even though I don’t really consider what I do to be flexible dieting…).


5. These memes…and yes there are 5.

Meme 1 Meme 2 Meme 3 Meme 4 Meme 5



1. Sustainable versions of meat: A diet high in meat and dairy (what most Americans eat) isn’t sustainable! Check out what these awesome companies are doing to solve that

2. Large companies making huge changes: What are Cosco, McDonald’s, and Subway doing to change the world?

3. Being Vegan at Campus Dining Halls

4. What is orthorexia and do high carb vegans have it?

5. One vegan’s take on ex-vegans: Is there ever a reason to go back?


Avocado Athlete