Home Sweet Home

It feels SO GOOD to be home. Even though I’m a very outgoing person generally, at the end of the day, I am a serious homebody. After spending the summer working at a firm in NYC, I am now back in Boston to finish up one more year of school to get my MBA in addition to my law degree.



An entire month off. Such an unreal experience. I don’t know how I’m going to live without these months off when I hit the real working world. I’ve somehow managed to stay in school for 26 years.

So what will I be doing during my time off? Well, first, I’m going to South America for two weeks!!! 

Let’s be real. The blogging has already been irregular at best (which will change during the coming school year, and I’ve got some really exciting news for you guys…), but I won’t be around here for the next two weeks. That being said, keep up with me on Instagram! Even when I’m not blogging, I update there almost daily.

Today I’m just gonna share some random things that I’ve been wanting to share for a while, but haven’t had the time or opportunity. Think of this as a…Five Things Monday?

1. All the vegan gluten free food in NYC is so far away now…

I had to bring some things home to share with friends and family that I knew I couldn’t get in Boston. I sure am gonna miss the readily available vegan gluten free treats, especially the ones I found that were low fat too, but I won’t be eating much of those in the coming months anyway (cough…surprise…cough).



2. New vegan friendly menus in Boston:

Trophy Room in the South End

Fellow Boston blogger and friend Caitlin took me to Trophy Room this past weekend, and they have a new menu.


The new menu is not up online yet (get on it, Trophy Room!), but they have vegan bar snacks including a vegetable medley, cous cous salad, buffalo cauliflower wings (can be made vegan upon request),  and some vegan entrees including vegan spaghetti made with spaghetti squash, and a vegan burger. Although I was thrilled with the service generally, I was impressed that when I requested vegan food, the chef even came out to talk to us and let me know what he could whip together. Also, the food was really quite delicious. If you’re vegan and in the Boston area, check it out!


Flatbread Company in Somerville

This place has gluten free vegan pizza, and it’s really pretty good. Although I can’t say it’s the best I’ve had, it was quite good, and I loved that it was cheeseless. Sometimes I crave Daiya, but sometimes the flavor is just too much for me. This was simple: sun dried tomato sauce, mushrooms, caramelized onions, and olives. Delish!

3. I missed my kitchen.

The first thing I did when I got back to Boston was a real grocery shopping trip with a car. Then I busted out my crockpot and threw together a vegetable stew. YUM. Yes, even in the middle of summer, this is what I was craving.


4. This meme doe….

So on point.


5. Loved seeing this article pop up recently!

Vegan Diets Gaining Popularity

I hope you all have a great next two weeks and savor the last official month of summer! I’ll be back in 2-3 weeks with updates from Peru and Bolivia and some exciting news for the blog :)


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