Progress. Proof. Exhaustion.

February 28, 2014

So…I haven’t blogged since last Friday. Yeah. It’s been one of those weeks where every time I had time to sit down and blog, I would have directly been sacrificing sleep, and frankly I just didn’t feel very inspired.

I had a few days this past week where I pushed really hard in the gym, but was starting to feel like results overall were slow or nonexistent, and that’s not a very inspiring thing to blog about. Sometimes it’s hard for me to remember, though, that every single reader goes through that too, and knowing that I go through it is part of the process and can be encouraging. This leads me to number one.

Five Things That Powered My Week:

1. Progress. Will. Come. I. Promise.

Eat clean. Train dirty. One day. One week. One month. One year. It will come.

This was me just 18 months ago:


Some comparison pictures to present day:



18 months might sounds like a long time, but in the grands scheme of life? Transforming your body and your health? In 18 months? THAT’S NOTHING! If you knew you could transform your body in 18 months, would you commit?

The process is NOT easy, but I cannot say it enough times. CONSISTENCY IS KEY. I did not get this far by quitting, by saying “oh this will never work – the things that work for everyone else just don’t work for me.” I didn’t get here by eating crappy food for weeks on end. I got here by eating clean. I also didn’t get here by having one bad day of eating and giving up. I got here by having one “bad” day of eating or one “bad” meal, and immediately turning it around, despite how I felt emotionally. I didn’t get here by skipping the gym, sleeping in, or only training what I wanted. I got here my rock solid commitment to consistency. Anyone can do this. ANYONE. If you want it bad enough.

2. First Outdoor Run of the Year

Sometimes, when my fitness routine is feeling….well….routine, I switch it up with something new. My body was in need of a rest day from lifting earlier this week, so I listened, threw on my running shoes, and did an easy 2 miles outside. My joints did not thank me for the hard pavement in the cold weather, but it was a nice change.



3. Hubby’s Sprouting

I tried this once and failed, and then decided it was too much work, and then basically stopped eating legumes on my continued 80/10/10 experiment, so hubby took it over and did a much better job than I ever did.





Mangoes are the only thing getting me through.


5. Soccer.

I started playing indoor soccer once a week through a local Boston league. I loved the change of exercise and adding something new into my routine. It was amazing to me how out of breath I did NOT get while playing. It used to be so hard, but is now easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. Looking forward to this weekly routine on Sunday nights!


Favorite Instagram finds this week:






That’s all for this week, kids. I’m gonna spend the rest of my day learning how to do regression analysis in Excel for my business school class and probably trying to nap at some point so that I don’t murder whoever I see today before they even open their mouth.

Cheer to FRIDAY!

Avocado Athlete

Five Things Friday: Sweating, Sprouting, Squatting

February 21, 2014

Thanks to Clare @ Fitting It All In for hosting!

Five things I lifted:

1. Hang Clean

Starting with the most exciting, because I just CANNOT contain myself! Yesterday, I did an hour long session with my trainer to start working on my olympic lifts. We did hang clean, which I have had no training on (other than watching excessive You Tube videos). In practice, so much harder than it looks.

Mastering good form on lifts, especially complex movements, is SO important – not only does it ensure that you don’t injure yourself, but it also gives you a better workout. When I started, my form was pretty terrible. Luckily my trainer took some video for me, so here’s what my first hang clean looked like as compared to my last one. Check it out, yo.

First hang clean (with a PVC pipe):

Last hang clean (with the bar) – SO MUCH PRETTIER :) :

2. Front squats – got 11 reps at 105, which is some kind of a personal best for me! I’ve front squatted more weight before, BUT at this point in my program (only 3 weeks in), as compared to this exact same point last time I did this program, I am much further than I used to be. At this point last time I did this 12-week program, I was only doing 90 pounds. WIN.

3. Tuesday shoulder workout:

Shoulder day

Pull-ups (10, 8, 6)*
Seated lateral raises 10 x 4
Seated front raises 10 x 4
Wall walks 2 x 5**
Bent over raises 10 x 3
Upright rows 10 x 3
Sprints: 6 sprints for 30 seconds each – 3 at high speed, 3 at moderate speed and high incline

4. At home workout with Fitness Blender:


5. Ab workout after boxing:

40 bosu ball weighted situps (hold a plate behind your head)
40 kettlebell oblique lifts (20 on each side)
20 leg raises (with small ball between feet)
40 bosu ball weighted situps (hold a plate behind your head)
40 kettlebell oblique lifts (20 on each side)

This ROCKED my core. I haven’t had a sore core in so long because I don’t often take the time to do enough reps to really push myself. Working on abs this week with my boxing instructor was fabulous and has inspired me to start taking abs more seriously. I swear I looked ripped for DAYZZZZZ following this workout…at least in my head.

Five things I ate:








Potatoes and avocado for dinner. I swear these plain steamed potatoes were SO DELICIOUS! They tasted so sweet and flavor rich – just an example of how taste buds can completely change, especially on 80/10/10

Five articles/videos I loved:

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Bonus Round: Ladies, this is WORTH YOUR TIME TO READ –> Why We Must Stop “Feeling Fat”

Five memes that caught my eye:

As I’m looking at these now, I’m realizing they’re all…ummmm…of…shall we say…questionable moral character. But you know what? They’re also perdy darn funny. Gotta just share these.





And a more serious one that describes me perfectly, whether I like it or not:


Cheers to FRIDAY!

Avocado Athlete