Walnut Grille Review

Hey Bostonites.

If you haven’t been to Walnut Grille in Newton, GO NOW.

It is a vegetarian and vegan GEM – full of food that is closer to a fancy 5-star feast, but not overwhelmingly complicated.

I had the great pleasure of visiting this place with one of my good girlfriends, and we left STUFFED, but every bite was worth it!


Here’s the rundown:

We each ordered a drink, a salad, and an entree, as well as an appetizer to take to go! We just had to sample everything since we knew we wouldn’t make it out there again anytime soon. Oh, did I mention I also got a dessert to go? In my defense, the appetizer and dessert to go were by hubby’s special request because he had been there before and wanted some repeat eats.


The Jolly Green Machine

Farmer’s organic gin, St. Germain, kale juice, lemonade, soda



Caesar Salad

Baby romaine hearts, carrots, cucumbers, crispy capers, parmesan cheese and whole wheat garlic croutons


Raw Noodle Salad

Zucchini, fennel, sun dried tomatoes, sunflower seeds, Botija olives and lemon truffle oil


Appetizers (to go):

Drums of Heaven (top)

Mouthwatering vegetable pops, indo-Chinese sauce, scallions, and baby greens

Gobi Manchurian (bottom)

Chick pea coated cauliflower, tossed in a sweet spicy tomato sauce, tamari, liquid aminos, and scallions



Eggplant Rollatini (daily special)

Baby Sicilian eggplants rolled around soy sausage, butternut & summer squash, green peppers, finished with Pomodoro sauce (vegan cheese is optional, but I got it plain)


Gardein “Chicken” Piccata

Pan seared Gardein breast, white wine, capers, mushrooms, wilted spinach, roasted fingerling and green oil



Layered Chocolate Cake


I can honestly say that every single thing I tried was delicious, but I especially appreciated the Jolly Green Monster drink and the Gobi Manchurian appetizer (which I sampled later that night).

A mixed drink with KALE JUICE?!? YES PLEASE!

And the Gobi Manchurian REALLY tasted just like chicken. I couldn’t believe it.

If you’re in the Boston area, hop on the D line T to Newton Highlands and you’ll be right there! I definitely recommend checking this place out.

Cheers to great vegan eats!

Avocado Athlete

MIMM Birthday Weekend Recap

Welcome to another Marvelous in My Monday post!

For those who don’t know, this past week was my birthday!

Welp, turning 25 was anticlimactic to say the least.

But at least now I can rent a car without paying the underage fee #itsthelittlethings


At least it involved some wonderful health blog gems :)

I started the weekend off right by grabbing a few drinks after work with friends.


We called it a fairly early night so that I could be rested up for a day full of fun-tivities on Saturday. It’s a good thing we did because Saturday was a LOOOONNNNNG day!

The hubby and I awoke to the standard oatmeal breakfast, but then headed straight downtown to hit up a favorite coffee shop of mine – Equal Exchange.


Sporting my wunder unders out on the town because I can



Apparently this place carries vegan baked goods intermittently, but unfortunately they didn’t have any the day we went



Then we headed to Haymarket for some fresh produce. Can you believe this was my first time at Haymarket EVER?!? They don’t have any organic produce there, so we stayed away from the dirty dozen. If you’re not familiar with the reasoning behind organic produce, check out the link!

I could NOT believe the prices! Produce was SO cheap! Limes 8/$1, mangos 2/$3, oranges 3/$2, and watermelon for $2!! The list goes on.





After packing up a picnic lunch of some green salads, freshly cut strawberries and mango, and some Tofurkey and hummus, and went to hop on the train to head to the beach!




It was PERFECT beach weather.


At the beach, we treated ourselves to some ice cold italian ice. Nothing like a good serving of high fructose corn syrup to wake you up from sunbathing, but hey – gotta live a little!


After a long day at the beach, we headed to a nearby strawberry farm!

We didn’t have time to pick our own, but that was fine with me since they had an AWESOME store that we got to wander around. They had such cool natural strawberry products!




This strawberry salsa was definitely #strangebutgood – highly recommend recreating this! See picture below for ingredients…


Here’s a good one of sweaty hubby refueling with some Strawberry Cider after a hot run.


Apple Cinnamon Pickles?!?

Apple Cinnamon Pickles?!?

Housemade strawberry wine sangria!

Housemade strawberry wine sangria!

Wine tasting including: apple blueberry red wine, strawberry rhubarb wine. apple blush wine, and the housemade strawberry sangria.

Wine tasting including: apple blueberry red wine, strawberry rhubarb wine. apple blush wine, and the housemade strawberry sangria.


We could NOT leave without a bottle of the strawberry rhubarb wine. Unreal.

I can’t wait to enjoy this with a picnic on the river!


Besides the alcohol, the rest of the farm was okay too ;)




And that wasn’t all for my birthday – there were, of course, nifty gifties including a loose leaf tea strainer, tons of health food goodies in a care package from my mom, and some killer workout gear inspired by Kelly Olexa :)

Weighted gloves and Turbofire at home workout :)

Weighted gloves and Turbofire at home workout :)

Sunday was a fabulous day, although back to reality with food prep, etc.

I started the day with a killer workout: 2.4 miles running (1.2 miles each way to and from the gym), stairclimber tabata, push press, glut/ham sit up, high pull deadlifts, pull ups, lunges, abs, and cable push pulls. Phew!

I refueled with an awesome protein shake: mango, pineapple, peaches, coconut extract, vanilla protein powder, almond milk, and of course a bit of SPINACH!


Enjoying my shake on the roof deck :)

Enjoying my shake on the roof deck :)

As part of my food prep…

I ventured out of my comfort zone and made TVP (textured vegetable protein) bacon bits, recipe courtesy of Sprint 2 the Table!


They turned out amazing! I reduced the oil to just 1 tablespoon. I highly recommend these. They are great for salads.

I enjoyed them sprinkled on my black bean taco salad for dinner.



Base of romaine lettuce, yellow bell pepper, grape tomatoes, and black beans. On top I put 2 scoops of Trader Joes’ spicy salsa guacamole, a dressing made of (2 tbsp. hummus, 2 tbsp. nutritional yeast, 2 tsp. taco seasoning, and water to right consistency), some fresh cilantro, and TVP bacon bits.

Overall, a pretty decent weekend! So excited to dig into all our fresh produce this week and start my 25th year with my eyes steadfastly fixed on my goals.

To start it off right, I’ll be waking up at 5am tomorrow to hit the gym! I’ve gotta get in a good lifting session before heading to my physical therapist’s office for a video running analysis in my new running shoes. Reviews to come!

Cheers to birthdays,

Avocado Athlete